I found you last night; a poem


New Years Resolutions

Yes, yes, yes, I am fully aware today isn't necessarily the day to talk about New Years Resolutions but guess what? Fuck it. There's not a time for New Years Resolutions. In fact they can be made any day. So that's why I want to take you through mine today. Just to warn you: my … Continue reading New Years Resolutions


Insecure. It is something we all are at some point. Every single one of us has parts of their body and their mind, parts of themselves they would rather keep hidden from the world forever: insecurities. For some of us it's their body: the way their stomach is not as flat as the ones from … Continue reading Insecurities

Mental health talk: social anxiety

Social anxiety: the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, self-conciousness, embarrasment, humilation and depression. As a person who's diagnosed with social anxiety, I have found this mental illness goes mis- or even ununderstood quite a lot. When I would tell someone about my social anxiety … Continue reading Mental health talk: social anxiety